Text: Spyros Chatzigiannis

Berlin 03.03.2017

The Athenians talk. A lot. They actually don’t stop. Day and night they will fill Athens’s innumerable cafes with their loud, colorful and Zeus – like thunderous voices.

They drink their coffee sunny and cold and their blood never gets dull or old.

For you it might sound odd, but, Frappe and Fredo are being worshiped by Athenians as if these cold coffees represent a forgotten ancient God.

Their flow is sick, the content is often not particularly deep and their rhetorical skills can often pay their ever higher intellectual bill.

So, you know, they talk non stop, they don’t know that what they do is hip hop and they freestyle like the ancient Biblical Patriarch Lot.

Some of them do smoke good local, or, shitty Albanian pot.

The foreigners, or barbarians, see and hear that and they design their plot. Punishing the Greeks who are bearing so many empty rhetorical gifts to the EU chiefs and then their patience with us commits. Suicide.

So they bombard us with trendy neoliberal austerity ”lifejackets” and we keep talking while we’re grasping our cigarettes’ packets to light another fag and our lungs with dark, tobacco rich fumes to enlight.

But, as we talk, we forgot to shine. And make Athens, once again, a sacred scientific, cultural, intellectual and philosophical shrine.

The barbarians, we said, are loud and brutal and especially the Germans are Nazis that will rape Plato’s city with a Teutonic financial smile.

See, we were never taught in our schools that the Germans called Bavarians were in the 19th century deep and committed to our side.

They offered serious, disciplined and hard working Love to Mama Athens and they re-built the city and its new practical philosophy. While being quiet and Laconic.

And we, crazy Athenians, kept talking and talking, arguing and arguing and we just forgot to study History and to bring to the Germans on the negotiation table, in 2015, a Real Story with whom the Germans and the Bavarians could Really Relate.

We spoke in front of hundreds of foreign correspondents, at the spotlight of European and Global Media and we missed the opportunity to hit the German neoliberals with the arrow of an Erotic Greek Political Machiavelli.

We kept talking loud, anarchically and proud.

We lost because we did not reflect and study our own Selves and History.

Quietly, methodically and patiently.

So we keep talking and talking, shouting and shouting, arguing and arguing while the Art of The Trojan Horse is being Mastered by the Barbarians who are observing, analyzing and acting.

On behalf of ourselves.


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