Text: Spyros Chatzigiannis

Berlin, 28.01.2017

Folks often use this childish, playground argument about the German and French and Swiss banks that were lending money to Greeks with no background checks or careful consideration of their customers’ financial+professional situation: ”Oh, they were just following the rules of the market, competing with other banks and it was the responsibility of the Greek citizens to manage their finances and the loans that they took carefully and in a mature way”.


First thing:

The two sides were not in an equal position regarding financial know – how. The bankers knew exactly the rules of the game, the huge short term profits that they would make and the vulnerability of their customers. Especially German bankers, knew and know the Greek people and their culture inside out, most of them having spent long, sweet summer holidays in my country. Do you really think that they didn’t know to whom they were selling their mafia-style loans? Give me a break.

Secondly, the European bankers did an extraordinary media propaganda, through ruthless, intensive and brain washing advertising to present to the Greek public an Islamic – like Heaven of holiday loans, Christmas shopping loans, private school fees loans etc…While, at the same time the Greek state banking authorities let completely free and wild this Tsunami of banking advertising propaganda to hit the Greek brains and sensory system with wilder than wild promises while the details of the shady loan and credit card deals were written in bonsai – like letters, being almost invisible to the overexcited and brainwashed eyes of the average Greek consumer.

Thirdly, the bubble explodes and the Greek citizens are being scapegoated as the lazy, corrupt, stupid and ignorant Europeans who got what they deserved from the EU, the ECB and IMF.


Meanwhile, no bankers faced any serious consequences, no bankers paid back money that they made in huge quantities from these products of the casino capitalism and seven years after the start of the Greek financial crisis the European banks and especially Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas keep sucking the money send to ”save” Greece to balance a bit their deep in the financial shit accounts.

That’s a scandal of epic proportions that should have enraged European politicians, activists and citizens.

So, let’s cut the bullshit and imagine the faces that these bankers would have back in 2010 if they had to admit in public that their balance sheets are in a deeper than deep red, that they need state and central banking help to balance the sheets of their banks and also imagine how would the European, American and Global markets would react the day after the announcement that Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and co have to receive direct aid from ECB to fix their financial black holes.


How much would the price of their shares fall in one day?

What would happen to their reputation?

And, most importantly, what could they do back then to make their customers feel TRUST towards them?

In 2017 we don’t need to answer these hypothetical questions because Greece became the perfect scapegoat to put all the shit of the European and German/French banking system under the financial carpet of the EU, the fat cats are still smoking their cigars, snorting their cocaine and visiting Gstadt for 5000 Stars holidays while working class Greeks are hungry, poor, depressed, without a health insurance or serious unemployment benefits, working like slaves inside and outside the borders of their country in order for the fairy tale of the European Banking System to keep going on endlessly.

Shame on you Europe.

A continent, let’s not forget, that is being named after a Greek word.


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