BERLIN, KREUZBERG – OHLAUER SCHOOL + The Refugees’ Fight in July 2014, a Photoreportage by Spyros Chatzigiannis

DSC_0019 s


DSC_0723 s

DSC_0628 s

DSC_0641 s

DSC_0045 s

DSC_0549 f s

DSC_0584 f s

DSC_0635 s

DSC_0601 s

DSC_0616 s

DSC_0618 s

DSC_0675 f s

DSC_0024 s

DSC_0099 s

DSC_0626 s

DSC_0639 s

DSC_0764 s

DSC_0245 s

DSC_0283 s

DSC_0269 f s

DSC_0280 s

DSC_0287 s

DSC_0296 f s

DSC_0290 s

DSC_0753 s

DSC_0709 s

DSC_0306 s

DSC_0759 s

DSC_0051 s

DSC_0804 s

DSC_0779 s

DSC_0799 s

DSC_0812 s

DSC_0834 s

DSC_0100 s

DSC_0177 s

DSC_0206 s

DSC_0190 s

DSC_0218 s

DSC_0223 s

DSC_0062 s

DSC_0067 f s

DSC_0058 s

DSC_0092 s

DSC_0059 s

DSC_0083 s

DSC_0103 s

DSC_0112 f s

DSC_0140 s

DSC_0135 f s

DSC_0162 s

DSC_0165 s

DSC_0229 s

DSC_0240 f s

DSC_0241 f s

DSC_0244 s

DSC_0316 s

DSC_0309 s

DSC_0346 s

DSC_0331 s

DSC_0352 s

DSC_0333 s

DSC_0360 s

DSC_0347 s

DSC_0371 s

DSC_0368 s

DSC_0937 s

DSC_0391 f s

DSC_0373 s

DSC_0492 s

DSC_0533 s

DSC_0546 s s

DSC_0520 s

DSC_0591 f s

DSC_0459 s

DSC_0602 f s

DSC_0617 s

DSC_0097 s

DSC_0583 s

DSC_0503 s

DSC_0544 s

DSC_0510 s

DSC_0653 s

DSC_0640 s

DSC_0639 f s

DSC_0634 s

DSC_0475 s

DSC_0481 f s

DSC_0594 s

DSC_0595 s

DSC_0596 s

DSC_0604 f s

DSC_0609 s

DSC_0606 s

DSC_0646 s

DSC_0102 f s

DSC_0367 s

DSC_0420 s

DSC_0446 s

DSC_0452 s

DSC_0467 s

DSC_0575 s

DSC_0680 s

DSC_0829 s

DSC_0769 s

DSC_0851 f s

DSC_0861 s

DSC_0858 s

DSC_0931 f s

DSC_0922 f s

DSC_0956 s

DSC_0948 s

DSC_0996 s

DSC_0788 s

DSC_0668 s

DSC_0669 f s

DSC_0687 s

DSC_0675 s

DSC_0713 f s

DSC_0645 s

DSC_0499 s

DSC_0247 s

DSC_0710 s

DSC_0362 s


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